One man, many heads

319 Heads is the Austin, Texas, design studio of David Jaguttis.

Graphic design, illustration, web design, UI, front-end development, and more; here to meet all of your creative needs.

David Jaguttis is one of those rare designers who always surprises me with his level of creativity and attention to detail. He is one of the most unique, reliable and professional designers I’ve worked with over the decade of running a record label. 
Ceschi Ramos
Fake Four Inc.

David has been the most invaluable member of my team over the eleven years we’ve worked together. He is dependable, talented, personable, and professional. He is a rarity in that he is highly talented and skilled on the graphic design side as well as the developer side. By providing me a secure, robust, highly functional and well-designed web platform David has contributed greatly to revenue growth over the years, both when my site was primarily editorial and when he helped transition it into ecommerce.

Leila Noelliste
BGLH Marketplace

Since working with David, my business has certainly increased and I know that a significant part of that needs to be credited to the way in which David worked with me in articulating exactly what I wanted my clients to know about me and yoga through my website.

I couldn't imagine working with any other web design humans or companies after this experience with David. Working with him feels quite familiar and not as intimidating as I imagine it would be with someone else who doesn't have the skill, patience, and passion for design like David does.

Chelsea Jackson Roberts
Red Clay Yoga / Chelsea Loves Yoga