Web Design

Award winning website designs will have a balance of pleasing aesthetics with functionality, usability and technicality. Every design is created to have an intent. It should resonate with the company’s goals and target audience. The website should also be functional and provide an easy on-boarding process for new users.

The best website designs are ones that are both memorable and functional – they can serve as a hub for all of your business needs while providing a great user experience.

While there are many different factors that go into the design of a website, the most important thing is making sure it is mobile-friendly.

A mobile-friendly website means that it will be much easier for the end user to navigate their site on a smaller screen. Most people these days are browsing the internet on their phone and if your site is not set up to handle this, then you could lose out on potential customers.

The best websites also tend to have movement and animated effects. This can help make the site feel more dynamic and engaging for visitors who are browsing.

David Jaguttis

I work on projects of all sizes, from album covers and commissioned illustrations to identity design and full scale website builds — specializing in WordPress.